On the frontier of American foot care

Podology USA's bottom-up comprehensive approach ensures the highest satisfaction rates among those looking for the best possible foot care on the US market.

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The benefits of our method

  • Comprehensive Approach

    We combine all foot care solutions for you, so you don't have to!

  • Leading Satisfaction Rate

    Nowhere in the US foot care market are the satisfaction rates as high as with our method!

  • Truly Custom Made

    Our solutions are customer oriented, and customer oriented only.

  • Training Programs

    We help our partners stay up to date to the latest developements in (medical) foot care. Because we're not about standing still.

  • Waste Reduction

    Our 3D printing production techniques ensure less waste and less transportation needs. 'Cause we care about foot prints!

  • Decades of Experience

    Our professionals have years of experience built on top of decades of family knowledge.

  • Worry Free

    Our method removes the complexity for the client, yet solves the most complex problems.

  • Mobility

    Centralized production methods make sure our services are very easily integrated into any (retail) environment.

  • Speed

    We prove that speed and quality can go hand in hand. Why we can deliver so fast? Superior logistics.

Our partners

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